Tuition is based on a total discounted fee for taking weekly dance classes.  Tuition may be paid monthly (due at the first class of each month) or in one payment at the following rates.  There are no tuition refunds but any classes missed may be made up in a lower or comparable class or at our branch studios.  Missed classes must be made up by the end of the current dance year (May 30, 2020). Tuition and participation in the dance productions depend upon weekly attendance.  If you cannot attend weekly classes and/or do not plan to make them up before May 30, 2020, then dancers will not be eligible for the special tuition rate  and will not be eligible to dance in the spring show.  The occasional participant should plan to purchase dance cards or pay the drop-in rates per class.  Tuition reminders will be emailed; please be sure to specify your email on the registration forms.  If you choose the monthly payments, please understand that there is a $25 late or returned check fee.  If you know that you will not be able to attend class when tuition is due, be sure to mail your tuition payment to Melinda's School of Dance, 3339 Buckwheat Hollow Road, Lawrenceville, PA 16929.  Please understand that dancers will not be allowed to dance until monthly tuition payments are received.  Additionally, missing a previously-scheduled private dance lesson without advance notification, will result in a $30-60 fee, the cost of a half-hour/hour private lesson. Dancers may enroll at any time throughout the year, but those who enroll after February may not be eligible to participate in the spring recital.  

The following tuition rates with tuition payments due in the first class of the month:

  • One 45-minute  Class Weekly = $40 per month

  • One 1 hour Class Weekly = $45

  • One 1.5 hour Class Weekly = $60

  • Two Combination Classes Weekly  = $70 per month

  • Three Combination Classes Weekly  = $90 per month

  • Four+ Combination Classes Weekly = $120 per month

  • Drop-In Rate Per Class = $15

  • 10-Class Dance Card = $130


For those recreational participants, who cannot attend every class, then class cards may be a more feasible option.  class cards are punched at each class attended.  Class cards are offered at $130 for 10 classes.  Please note:  Dancers, who choose to use dance cards and do not attend on a regular basis, are not eligible for our fall/winter production, spring recital, or other performances.  We need the dancers to come on a regular basis so that gives them enough time to learn skills and routines. 


Those recreational participants, who occasionally wish to take class or attend 1 or 2 classes a month, may pay the drop-in rate of $15 per class.  Please note:  Participants who choose to pay the drop-in rate and do not attend on a regular basis, are not eligible for our fall/winter production or spring recital, or other performances.  We need the participants to come on a regular basis so that gives them enough time to learn skills/ routines. 



Costumes are rented for the fall/winter production or spring recital for $30 per costume (minimum of two costumes per dancer per show).   Fundraisers are offered as an opportunity to raise money to defray costume rentals.  Once the performance is finished, all costumes must be returned in good condition the same day immediately following the performance and before leaving the theatre.