Class Schedule

We offer a variety of dance and acro classes.  Visit the Class Schedule link above for our dance and acro class offerings for  the 2020-2021 dance year.  Find out more about our class descriptions below.  There is something for everyone at Melinda's School of Dance!


Classes focus on the fundamental technique of Russian classical ballet.  Classes will begin with a warm-up at the barre, then proceed to floor exercises, combinations, and center work for Ballet I - IV.  (Placement will be determined by instructors.)


The focus of this class combines elements from a variety of genres, including classical ballet, lyrical, jazz, acro, and/or modern into an expressive dance.  This class is designed for experienced dancers, ages 9-18, who are taking multiple dance and/or acro classes.

DANCE FUSION:  A 45-minute  high energy class for ages 5-18, focusing on a fusion of dance styles from hip hop to funk, jazz, pop rock and more.  Each class involves learning a dance routine, set to popular music. Dancers will have the opportunity to perform with the Dance Fusion Team at local parades and events.


  • ACRO IThis class is designed for ages 5+ and is focused on flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, endurance, body positions, introductory floor acrobatic skills, and combining acrobatic skills with classical dance technique.  

  • ACRO II This focus of this class is on increasing and improving flexibility, coordination, strength, balance, endurance, body positions, intermediate floor acrobatic skills, and combining acrobatic skills with classical dance technique.   (Class placement in this level will be determined by the instructor.)

  • TUMBLING:  This class is designed for ages 4+ and the focus  is on flexibility, technique, and strength in beginning and intermediate tumbling skills--learning and perfecting rolls, levers, handstands, bridges, cartwheels, round offs, kick overs/walkovers.  

  • TINY TUMBLERS:  This eight-week class is designed for our 2 to 4-year-olds and is focused on beginning skills in flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, basic body positions, and introductory tumbling skills while having fun. (This class is offered in the summer only.)


Pointe dancers have developed sufficient strength through extensive ballet training and who have been selected by the instructor for pointe training.  Dancers en pointe must take at least three classes of ballet per week, take private lessons (per approval with instructor) and must practice technique to continue pointe training.  In case of illness, injury, class absence, or other reason, the instructor reserves the right to  temporarily or permanently suspend pointe instruction.



  • HAPPY FEET:  A 45-minute dance class is designed for dancers, ages 2-3, as an introductory class to dance with an emphasis on fun and recreational dance.  Fundamentals of ballet, tap, and character will be introduced in this class.


  • TOT COMBO:  A 1-hour dance class designed for 4- to 5-year-olds to introduce the foundational technique and performance preparation through ballet, tap, and character.



This class is designed for dancers, who have previous dance training, a minimum age of 6 years old, and/or who are interested in furthering their introductory tap skills.  Placement into this class will be at the discretion and assessment of the instructor.


Private or semi-private  lessons are a good way to build skill   above and beyond class instruction according to individual needs.   Private lessons may also be required for competition, "Dance the World," or other special events.  To be eligible or maintain eligibility for private lessons, dancers must attend all weekly practices and group classes available.  Of course,  we understand that some absences may be necessary due to illness or other necessary reason.  In those cases, we ask that you email us at and report any foreseen absences due to illness or other necessary reasons on the Contact Us page of this website prior to the absence from class.