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Assessment and evaluations for class placement occur during the first class and at six-month intervals.  Initial class placement is determined by dance experience/skill first, then by age.  Please understand that dancers may be promoted to higher levels because of ability, effort, and progress as determined and recommended by Melinda's School of Dance instructors.



Each class must have at least 5 enrolled dancers to be offered.  The class may be cancelled if there are fewer than 5 dancers at any given time throughout the year.  Troy classes will follow the Troy Area School District school closings for inclement weather. When the area schools cancel after-school or weekend activities, our classes will also be canceled.  Listen to your local radio stations for weather cancellations.  We will post the announcement on our Facebook page @ Melinda’s School of Dance and in email.  Please be sure we have a current email on our records to keep you up to date.


Attendance is critical for skill progression and dance choreography.  Absences from class can hold up the rest of the class from learning dance choreography and skill progression when the missed instruction must be repeated.  Please respect your fellow dancers by regularly attending class.  In addition, those students who participate in private lessons and/or participate in competition, "Dance the World," or other special events, must attend all weekly practices and  group classes to continue eligibility for events and/or private lessons.  Of course,  we understand that some absences may be necessary due to illness or other necessary reason.  In those cases, we ask that you email us at and report any foreseen absences due to illness or other necessary reasons on the Contact Us page of this website prior to the absence from class.


COVID-19 has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. COVID-19 is highly contagious and is believed to spread mainly from person-to-person contact. As a result, federal, state, and local governments and federal and state health agencies have provided several recommendations to help in mitigation of this disease. Those recommendations include but are not limited to the following: 1. Check for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 for participants, staff, and volunteers. 2. Promote healthy hygiene practices such as hand washing, using hand sanitizer, cough in your elbow, asking those who are ill to stay home. 3. Intensify cleaning, disinfection, and ventilation in studio facilities. An air purifier, which cleans, freshens, filters, and eliminates dust and airborne contaminants, has been recently installed at our studio. 4. Regularly communicate and monitor developments with local authorities, employees, and families regarding cases, exposures, and updates to policies and procedures. 5. Participants, coaches and staff MUST provide their own water bottle for hydration. Water bottles or snacks must not be shared. 6. Face coverings are currently optional at our studio.


At Melinda's School of Dance, we pride ourselves with a talented teaching staff, who is dedicated to planning and delivering high quality instruction and learning activities. Sometimes, though, even with the best intent and planning, discipline issues arise. We consider discipline issues any words, actions, or threats that intimidate, humiliate, or harm an individual and prevent skill progress. When these situations affect the dancers/instructor or interrupt/stop the class from functioning, we will handle the situation in the best interests of the individuals affected and the class. Strategies may include, but are not limited to, individual/group discussions, individual/group meetings, and time-out. When the class has concluded, we will make every attempt to notify the parents/guardians of the situation and our discipline strategies. Although some may not like or agree with these strategies, it is our hope that participants  and their parents/guardians will be able to understand and abide by our policy and strategies, work with us to prevent, discuss, and circumnavigate any instances of inappropriate or harmful acts/words so that all dancers/gymnasts may enjoy and learn dance/gymnastics skills in a peaceful, positive, safe environment.   


Feeling safe and comfortable in our dance classes, where dancers /gymnasts can enjoy and progress in dance is our Number 1 priority.  We consider bullying any words, actions, or threats that intimidate, humiliate, or harm an individual and prevent skill progress.  We will take a pro-active, anti-bullying stand on any situation that fits our definition.   Although we support a zero-tolerance position on any instance of bullying, we also support and implement attempts to inform, educate, intervene, and apply strategies to prevent, stop, or handle any recognized, evidenced, or suspected cases of bullying.  Strategies may include, but are not limited to, group/individual discussions, group/individual meetings, and time-out.  When we become aware of these situations, we will be quick to directly address the situation, those individuals involved and their parents/guardians.  Although some may not like or agree with these strategies, it is our hope that participants and their parents/guardians will be able to understand and abide by our policy/strategies, and work with us to prevent, discuss, and circumnavigate any instances of bullying so that dancers/gymnasts may enjoy and learn dance/gymnastics skills without worry or feelings of intimidation.


Dance choreography and instruction is the exclusive right of Melinda's School of Dance.  Permission/approval to use our dance choreography/dance instruction must be obtained a minimum of two weeks prior to the event and must be obtained directly from our Artistic Director, Melinda Woodruff.  For permission/approval, please email at, call/text 607-206-2956, or by our "Contact Us" page of this website. 


Please refer to the  Class Tuition page of this website for our policy regarding registration, tuition, and private lesson fees.



Melinda's School of Dance reserves the right to terminate or refuse service to any student, parent, or legal guardian for any reason, including, but not limited to not adhering or complying with the policies set forth above or for the interference/intimidation/coercion for class placement, assignment of dance performance roles, or instruction.



Because of the image, values, and mission that we attempt to uphold at Melinda's School of Dance, we ask that all visible body piercings (excluding earrings) be removed and visible tattoos be covered during class and during performances. We also ask that dancers/gymnasts do not wear dangling necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, that could catch on costumes or dance attire or that could cause distractions.  


If necessary, dancers/gymnasts are encouraged to bring healthy snacks to class or during rehearsals.  Water or clear liquid and/or crackers, fruit, or other healthy snacks are permitted.  Soda, juice, or other drink or snack, that may soil costumes or the studio environment, are not permitted.  For safety purposes, dancers/gymnasts are asked to refrain from gum or candy during class, rehearsal, and/or performance. 



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